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 About Frank

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FTC ​- ​Frank Taylor provides a unique, unbiased, third-party perspective to deal effectively with unexpected issues in a timely, cost-effective manner. 


Frank brings over 37 years, of in-depth, on-the-ground experience in most investment asset classes. That experience, that expertise honed over many decades, provides effective insights to help deal with uncommon situations as they arise.


Known to be a proficient industry Problem Solver, and a Fixer in most situations, Frank is best described as a Situational Solutions Specialist. 


Specifically dealing, in all aspects of multi-residential, mixed-use, retail, light industrial, or self-storage facilities, big or small, no matter the locale, it’s worthwhile to call.


Frank has developed an instinct to see things, other industry experts may not see as clearly, coupled with, out-of-the-box thinking, once full-picture is obtained.


There are moments that require an unbiased, new set of eyes to see how best to ascertain the results desired. 


That is what FTC, uniquely provides. 


It all begins with a simple call.

905 971 7070

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