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  Crisis Management Consulting

Timely, cost effective and efficient crisis management is critical to the success of any business, especially in today’s environment.

Having dealt with all elements of crisis management during my career, I have the experience to deal expediently with complicated issues.


At a time of crisis, the path ahead is not always clear, especially when you are at the center of a situation that’s unfolding.

Obtaining an outside perspective – one with a clear understanding of what the issues are - enables you to stand back and see things that might not have been clear before.

Strategic problem solving is one of my hard-earned areas of expertise. I have had to confront extremely complex matters involving real estate related issues, employees, management, and clients, in unique circumstances.


Accordingly, I can be of much assistance in the following areas:

  • Operations.

  • Finance.

  • Extremely complex real estate based issues.

  • Business services.

  • Professional liability issues.

  • Insurance claims, lawsuits concerning real estate matters.

  • Development and restorations issues.

  • Security.

On projects and redevelopments - things can get out of hand very quickly when issues arise - whether it is due to financing, unforeseen issues within a structural restoration, contractor issues, suppliers, or timelines. 


Regardless of what happens, there is always a cost effective solution. 


My job is to anticipate issues before they arrive, or to come into situations in order to get things back on track, quickly and effectively.


Additionally, my professional reference platform is critical to provide you with immediate experts to help mitigate any issue at hand.


Don’t leave things to that last minute - if there is smoke in your mind, there is usually a fire.

Take decisive action and call for quick mitigation.


Frank Taylor Consulting


Problem Solved

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