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Over the span of 35 years, I have rebuilt and/or fully restored numerous older or historical buildings, worth millions of dollars, in the Hamilton and Burlington area.


During that time, I observed the emergence and unfolding of Smart Building technology, now more commonly referred to as “ioT” (internet of things).


ioT Smart Building technology is a capacity that every building owner should seriously consider prior to reconstruction and/or restoration.


Not only does it allow you the ability to monitor all facets of operation, it provides the owner the opportunity to make the building operate at the highest efficiency levels, and allows for securing and monitoring access.


The use of sensors built into infrastructure and data collected in ioT Smart Buildings allows for significant improvements in the management of properties. ioT Smart Buildings provide many solutions, such as reducing energy consumption. 


Smart Building technology allows owners and managers to monitor the following parts of the building:


  • HVAC systems

  • Lighting

  • Security - door access points, video surveillance of interior and exterior of all premises

  • Mechanical operations and maintenance. 

  • Efficiency of all mechanical operations. 

  • Energy efficiency consumption savings.

  • Building ioT technologies into your business model can save thousands and will positively impact your return on investment, and increase overall value.


Important, it allows you to provide valued added services to your clients / tenants that others do not provide. 

Frank Taylor Consulting can provide you with quick, cost effective insights and direction on what you’ll need to consider in order to take full advantage of today’s latest technologies and advancements. 


Most importantly, I can provide you with access to professional ioT service and installation firms that specialize in multi-residential conversions  in your geographic area through my professional referrer platform.


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