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Let's be Frank Podcast Team

Frank Taylor Host

Frank started his first business, Corporate CanClean, a commercial steam cleaning and restoration servicing company when he was 18 years old.  At 21, he began to invest in real estate for the future of his children's post secondary education and for retirement planning.  Fast forward 6 years later, Frank, recognizing his true passion lay in real-estate, he divested in his company, which had now grown to 58 employees, to work as a licensed realtor and grew an extensive real estate investment portfolio for clients throughout Ontario. Frank’s real estate career spanned over 36 years where he specialized in multi res/mixed use and other various investment models and was intimately involved with the sale, acquisition, property management and full restorations of commercial and residential real estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars and involved thousands of units.


Jared Shier Co Host


Jared graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2015 with a degree in Global Development and Economics with distinction. Upon graduating, Jared worked in commercial real estate for one of Toronto’s leading commercial real estate firms as an analyst where he focused on multi-residential and office building analysis.  He eventually transitioned from working in traditional real-estate to working at one of Canada's largest banks as an associate portfolio manager.  His primary desire is to build financial freedom through developing a portfolio of real estate investments.

Peter Cass Lawyer


Peter Cass is a real estate, business (corporate-commercial) and estate lawyer, practicing in Burlington, Ontario. He graduated law school from the University of Toronto law and was called to the Bar in 1970. Since starting the firm Cass & Bishop in 1972, Peter has been involved in a wide variety of real estate and commercial matters, with an emphasis on residential transactions, land development, investment real estate, business sales and purchases and more. 

Todd Miller Podcast Expert


Todd has been in the music and media industries for over 30 years; he has worked with and interviewed Jack Canfield, Alan Parsons, Sandy Hawley, Air Supply and more. He also is a writer, audio + video producer, editor, engineer, part-time actor, TV and podcast host seen by over 2 million people, and devoted dad to 5 kids.

Tiffany Byl Social Media Designer

Tiffany Byl Profile.jpg

As a Real Estate Investor, I learned the power of social media for my business. I was able to grow, engage and meet my goals for my business using the power of Social Media!


As a way to give back to the community I started helping other businesses utilize social media in a creative and intentional way. This opened my eyes to another passion and Tiffany Byl Brand Coaching was created. I now use my creativity, passion, and experience to help other businesses  level up their Social Media!!!


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