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My experience in dealing with the Media started 14 years ago with my eldest son, Ryan Taylor. He was discovered for international high fashion modelling at the age of 16 and wanted to promote his success nationally.


What I learned over the years working with the media is that it is important to  have a great story that would be of interest to the larger public. I have been excellent at drumming up good media coverage over the years. I can help you to find the most likely media representative and pitch your story on your behalf. 


I can provide access to my professional reference platform to enable you to find professional writers, photographers, videographers, and multi-media experts in order to obtain the highest professional standards.


Below you’ll find several links to national and local media coverage that I assisted in directly on behalf of Ryan Taylor (International Model), The Burlington Boathouse (a 1938 Art Deco Executive Furnished Rental that I redesigned and fully restored), and Food for Now, a grassroots movement helping those most in need, in 2020.



Ryan Taylor


The Burlington Boathouse publicity videos

Food for Now





If you’d like to discuss your media needs and have a unique story to tell - I can help.


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