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  Small Business Consulting

My consulting service offers timely, cost effective solutions to the small business community.


I like to say, “I earned my PHD in business in the school of hard knocks.” In hindsight, I wish I had a mentor for guidance and direction at many times throughout my career.


My father was a firefighter and my mother was an artist,  pilot, and adventurer at heart. I didn’t have anyone in my family to lean on when it came to the world of business. I had to learn one day at a time and, in the end, that helped reinforce my problem solving abilities.


Having started a small business straight out of high school, I operated it for 10 years and employed a full-time staff of 58. My 26-year career as an independent commercial realtor who had an expert staff that was key in order to specialize in extremely complex multi-residential and mixed-use real estate transactions. 


My experience led me to grapple with complex issues and achieve successful outcomes. 


Further, with 35 years as a project and re-design manager of large reconstruction projects of older or historical buildings, I had to learn through trial and error about how to problem-solve in order to attain successful results.

The knowledge and wisdom gained over the last 35 years is what I want to offer to you today.

The biggest issue for small business is having insights and wisdom based on experience to know where and when problems could unfold and best be confronted. 


Specialization in general but extremely complex fields brings something uniquely important to the table.


I have gained the ability to listen to what clients say, figure out their specific needs, and provide a quick guide and path to get clients to where they need to be.

My experience has led me to develop quick responses to problematic issues, creative thinking, target marketing, creating initiatives and mandates, protocols, proper guidance to management of staff, crisis management when required - the list is long. 


The single biggest asset that I have developed is the ability to be an excellent listener, and I will ask you all the right questions.

It’s an expertise that has taken years to develop and hone. 


Critical to your success is being able to tap into my professional reference platform, which provides proven expert services that are reliable and effective solutions to your current business needs. 

I can also help you with strategic planning and solutions required within the following industries:


  • Real Estate

  • Property Management

  • Project Management

  • All levels of the Construction Industry

  • Professional Sales

  • Not for Profit Organizations

  • Commercial Cleaning

  • Legal - Real Estate Based

  • Marketing and Social Media

  • Restaurant / Bar and Hospitality

  • ioT Smart Building Technologies

  • Media - TV News, TV Programs and Print coverage

  • Professional Photography / HD Video Production

  • Furnished Rentals

Let me help you - quickly and cost effectively.


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