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FTC offers expert support to real estate / litigation law firms in need of unbiased third-party assistance.

Details matter. With 38 years of experience, originally as an investor and previously (26 years) as a specialized real estate investment realtor, Frank obtained a wealth of in-depth knowledge on various issues that can arise during or after complex transactions. FTC allows real estate law firms to obtain an objective, conflict-free opinion on complicated matters.

Frank's expertise runs deep on most asset classification types or sizes, coupled with an additional background as a restoration expert in multi-tenanted buildings. It is worth the call to reach out and connect.

Services include but are not limited to:

Estate-related issues involving disposition of investment assets

Expert review of agreements providing resolution options for considerations

Professional Standards Expectations for Realtors / Brokers / Brokerages

Risk medigation / re-negotiations / resolutions; involving all parties

Specialty - is - dealing effectively with problematic file reviews prior to closing or thereafter.

Real Estate Consulting FTC


This remote or in-person consulting service is designed to provide quick, concise, fact-based advice on any problematic files, offering efficient solutions for real estate law practices in Ontario.

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