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Testimonials From Clients and Colleagues

I am honored / sincerely humbled to have dozens of references from clients and industry colleagues whom I have worked directly with on transactions or matters. I share many within the construction industries that I have worked with. I share these with the greatest appreciation, coupled with sincere humility, thanks, and gratitude to all, FT

"Frank's advice on a firm purchase of my most recent investment, provided solid advice every step of the way. I encountered a few issues with the property and due to Frank’s extensive experience with real estate investments and construction, we were able to break down each of the issues I encountered and create a plan to address them quickly. In addition to that, Frank also provided his expert opinion on how I could best optimize the property to increase cash flow and create a safe and enjoyable home for my tenants which I will be following.


Furthermore, Frank also advised me in navigating a complicated private transaction that went sideways, with an unresponsive Seller which almost led to a litigation lawsuit. Frank is a "Fixer" and ultimately created a "win-win" situation for both me and the Seller. I would have seen an almost "6 figure" loss had it not been for Frank's brilliant communication skills, coupled with situational reading techniques and his problem-solving capabilities. I recommend Frank to anyone who is looking for expert advice on any of their real estate transactions".

Eyoel Zewdie, Real Estate Investor / 5 Star Google Review

"It’s a world of spin out there with coaches, investment clubs, and realtors all striving to help/make you buy real estate. The thing is, it might not be the best time to buy, or the great deal you think you’re making might not be a good deal at all. Frank charges for his consulting services, with no ulterior motives - he doesn’t benefit personally if you make a deal or not. With decades of experience as an investor and realtor himself, Frank is the first person you should call if you’re thinking of investing in Canadian real estate".

Jason Gordon, Real Estate Investor / 5 Star Google Review

"My experience with Frank has been great. As a real estate business coach, Frank has advised on the blind spots in my business and helped me uncover opportunities I hadn’t seen and allowed me to capitalize on them accordingly. As a trusted advisor, he has also consulted on my real estate portfolio and provided strategic advice in the optimization and disposition of certain assets. Frank’s vast experience in restoration and as a realtor and investor are evident in the advice he provided to me. If you’re looking for guidance in the real estate world, Frank is your man."

Terrence Marshall Investor CPA / Investment Realtor / 5 Star Google Review


"I initially heard of Frank on a podcast where he discussed the economic trends and the fundamentals of real estate. Based on his perspective and generational experience in real estate, I felt that he would be a great candidate to learn from. Frank provides a different perspective in analyzing real estate opportunities and ensuring that thorough due diligence is completed."

Myuren Chanthirakumar / M.C Real Estate Group / 5 Star Google Review 

"For over 20 years, I have worked on countless transactions that Frank found for clients when he was a commercial realtor. I found his work excellent. Then, when he transitioned to consulting, I referred clients to him to think outside the legalities and about the practical real-world business issues that property owner clients have to deal with. He has been excellent in this also". 

Peter Cass, Lawyer at Cass & Bishop Professional Corporation

"Frank was great to deal with and helped me out on a large multi-residential deal. He was instrumental in making the whole thing happen as it was off-market. Attentive to detail, great negotiator, and a “get it done” attitude".

Tyler MacDonald, STG Property Group

"When diving into the complex world of real estate, Frank stands out as a seasoned expert who thoroughly understands the business. In this swiftly changing landscape, it's important to seek guidance from someone who not only possesses the knowledge but has also witnessed the ebb and flow of real estate cycles, allowing for dependable guidance. That's precisely what Frank brings to the table. Whenever I seek real estate advice, Frank is my ultimate go-to resource!"

Gary Hibbert Investment Broker / Podcast Host / 5 Star Google Review

"All in all, I know that when this heavy hitter is on my team, my interest in any real estate transactions is always protected well beyond 100%. Thank you, Frank".

Jedidiah Lui, Cacoeli Asset Management Inc.

"I highly recommend Frank for his services and expertise related to commercial real estate and redevelopment transactions".

Dale Ann Woznyj Rn, B.Comm, MBA, Proven Senior Operations Consultant

"If you are looking for straightforward, honest, professional expert advice in all facets of investment real estate, you've found the right guy"! I purchased dozens of rentals with Frank's guidance and hit the ball out of the park, each and every time! His depth of expertise in restorations helped me greatly, when I undertook massive renovations of many of my buildings. You will never go wrong with Frank at your side."

Matthew Gentile, VP of Sales, Vision Profile Extrusions

"Frank was very detailed and knowledgeable, especially in commercial and investment-related transactions." ​ 

Bruce Moran, Broker of Record/Owner at Chase Realty Inc.

"Frank is a man of reputable character, a hard worker who takes his customers’ needs seriously. He has their best interest in mind throughout all their interactions. I would highly recommend Frank!"

Lloyd Warr, LRW Group Inc. Commercial Building Inspection

"Frank’s strength was in his keen ability to listen, assess problems, plan solutions, and help take action. Our business relationship helped me have a successful café for 10 years. I’d highly recommend Frank’s services!"

Elsa Mendes, Owner of the Music Café

"Frank is second to none, whether he is acting as a Project Manager, or assisting his clients with investment sales, purchases, renovating, restoration and the list goes on. His eye for detail is unmatched. I give this reference without hesitation and am confident that Frank could handle any situation no matter the complexities".

Marilyn Edworthy (Retired) Executive Administrator for Frank Taylor, Realtor (20 years)

"As a client of Frank's, I can say, that he is at the top tier in what he does in the investment world. I regularly have to say to myself: "What would Frank think, do, or say? He has an incredible eye for things that most people don't see, as well as a fantastic work ethic".

Jake Elsey, Mechanic/Journeyman at Carmichael Engineering

"Frank Taylor is very professional and has a keen eye for detail which is so crucial in the construction industry. Always concerned with the client(s) end results and satisfaction". ​

Rosemary Paventi-Hill, Architectural Sales Rep at Centura

"Frank was Project Manager at The Burlington Boathouse in Burlington, Ontario. He has a great eye for detail. He does not cut corners and he knows his codes".

Loc Lai, Loc Lai General Contracting Ltd

"I have worked with Frank as a Lighting Consultant and supplier on a number of his restoration projects over the past 15 years".

Stephen F. Sharpe, Technical Sales Manager at Union Lighting and Furnishings

"As a Project Manager, I have worked with Frank and can attest that he is as good as they come. Terrific problem solver and an amazing eye for detail. Love working with Frank".

Dustin Hanco, Owner of Concept Kitchen & Bath

"I have known and dealt with Frank Taylor for over 20 years in the Real Estate industry, specializing in commercial and multi-res sales. Frank is very knowledgeable, and skilled, but more importantly, he is trustworthy."

Dino Nicosia, Broker of Record / Mult- Res Specialist / InvestPro Realty Ltd

"Frank demonstrates the skills, intuition, and dedication I would want in my service professional. I welcome working with Frank at any time and recommend him for your service".

J. Cameron Nolan, Real Estate Market Analysis, Ideation, Strategic Planning, Governance Leadership, Organizational Team Management

"Frank's attention to detail, ability to manage multiple projects, as well as his demeanor, made this one of my favorite projects to date. I'd recommend Frank for your real estate needs, especially if you want to feel your business is appreciated."

Melissa McKenna, District Sales Manager of Vancouver Island / Richmond / North Vancouver, Sherwin Williams

"Frank is very honest, professional & and resourceful and he successfully assisted me with the sale and purchase of my properties. Today, I am happily living in that same townhome that Frank guided me to! Thank you Frank for always putting your clients first!"

Joanne Rosiana- Aumais, Strategic Business Manager at Brown & Co.

"I found Frank to be highly professional and diligent in whatever he did. I would highly recommend him as a knowledgeable and ethical person - an excellent professional in all regards."

Larry Szpirglas, Investment Real Estate Broker, Royal LePage State Realty, Brokerage

"Frank's commitment to his clients knows no bounds. His energy and knowledge of the market are superior to anyone I have worked with. if you are looking for a true professional and real estate investment specialist, Frank is your man!"

David Stevenson, President & CEO, Braeheid Wealth Management 

"Frank's vast knowledge in an extremely specialized field was something that always set him apart from others. I have tapped into his wealth of knowledge for advice and direction many times over the past 20 years".

Jim Duschl, Commercial Broker, Re/Max Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage / 5 Star Google Review

"It makes business decisions easier when you have professional advice and Frank is more than capable of offering sound advice and direction. Please consider this a solid business reference for Frank Taylor Consulting".

Michael Wright, Owner / Housing - TLC / 5 Star Google Review

"As a commercial real estate agent, Frank was extremely diligent, hardworking, and professional. He found me a number of very good real estate deals. I would highly recommend Frank".

Raymond Kezwer, President at JTV Management

FTC your Trusted Real Estate Partner

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