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Who is Frank Taylor?

Frank Taylor is the founder of Frank Taylor Consulting Ltd (FTC), established in 2020. FTC is a specialized boutique consulting firm that provides fact-based solutions to real estate law firms and established investors facing unusually complicated matters. FTC doesn't partake in trading but serves as a steadfast support system for those who do.

How did Frank get his experience?

Frank's journey began as an investor 38 years ago, starting with single-family rentals. He then sought opportunities that required work and offered upside, particularly during the late 80s and early 90s. During this time, he acquired investment properties that demanded comprehensive rebuilds. Through self-teaching and hands-on experience, Frank honed his skills and developed a keen eye for detail. Recognizing the importance of specialized trades, he observed and learned from experts in various fields.


Over time, Frank became an expert in optimizing design, renovating, and restoring character-rich, multi-tenanted buildings.

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In 1992, during a major market downturn, Frank became a licensed realtor specializing in various investment asset classifications. He assisted others who, like him, were entering the investment market. Frank helped numerous individuals build portfolios and designed restorations using cutting-edge technologies to enhance longevity, the highest optimized income, and operational efficiency.


Over his 26-year licensed real estate career, Frank held directorial / Chair positions in industry associations such as the Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington (RAHB) and the Regional Commercial Counsel (RCC), including a directorship for OREA's commercial committee. Throughout his career, Frank was renowned for his deal-making and problem-solving prowess, often employing effective, out-of-the-box thinking.

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What are FTC Master Sessions / Consulting?

FTC was established with the capability to adeptly manage extremely complex issues as they arise. Participants will have ground-floor weekly access to Frank’s knowledge affordably providing in-depth tangible insights.

What makes FTC Master Sessions/ Consulting, uniquely different?

In volatile markets, Frank offers something that most educators/consultants can't: -  38 years of wisdom and expert knowledge applicable in - all - market conditions - both good and challenging. Most importantly, unbiased - and conflict-free at all times.

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Real Estate Investor Participants needed to effectively capitalize on existing assets and effectively evaluate potential opportunities, manage risks, learn about property management optimization, and prepare for unthought-of scenarios - often - far more cost-effectively than the majority of other educational programs. Note - this program is intended to assist those who are active and intend to grow - however - defined by each participant's needs and requirements with targeted solutions. (By invitation)

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FTC Master Sessions are also offered privately for active Investors Realtors / Brokers, and/or Real Estate Investment Coaches. These sessions empower participants to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving real estate investment market, whether they own single-family rental homes, multi-residential properties of varying scales, mixed-use spaces, plazas (retail or light industrial), or office buildings and storage facilities. (excludes development and manufacturing) (By invitation)



Frank brings over 90,000 hours of experience to each session


Conflict Free

FTC stands alone and is an unbiased third party that does not trade in real estate, but rather, assists those who do. Frank will never ask to manage assets, or to invest in any specific asset, but will provide the guidance necessary to make smart, fact-based decisions at all times.

This is why FTC is the go-to expert advisor for industry professionals.



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